Swahili Woman| Kenya| Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith

loveeee your blog style.

Thank you beautiful.


Absolutely love your Tumblr

Thank you King, peace to you!


love you

…Let that shit happen somewhere close to me for real. My peace would turn into chaos real quick. Our generation needs to toughen up and stand for something because we are lost and consumed which makes us easy targets. And that’s exactly why they prey on us.  We are old enough to be present day Black Panthers or revolutionaries. That’s our job to protect our elders and our little brothers and sisters now.  What are you willing to do if that hits home for you? Can’t always act tough behind social networks…

I’m all about peace, I am. But the more I watch firsthand of people exposing everything that’s going on, I get more and more angry on top of everything that’s going on elsewhere around the world. These police are tyrants for real. I seen a video of someone in their own yard, get tear gas thrown at them. I seen a video of a naked grandma and 12 year old get dragged and pepper sprayed from their their apt by a gang of cops… people getting fucked up by them rubber bullets for no reason, like seriously? Soulless and bored.

 I’m so angry man… I can’t even begin to explain.