Was it worth it? Would you do it again?


Oh Behave - smoth exotic vivid taste,1999 Hank Willis Thomas

الأزياء الفاخرة و

Sung Hee by Benjamin Vnuk for Bon Magazine October 2012.

Hey I saw your question answer about going to Cambodia with reach out, I was thinking of doing the same next year and was wondering what it's like? also did you raise all the money?

It was thee most amazing experience, ever. There is no words that exist or the perfect picture to express the time that I had there. I am not religious, but very spiritual and follow Buddhism, so that alone made me appreciate and feel the experience that much more. Very liberating. I did the village immersion program. The elephants were awesome, the children were amazing, my group mates were silly and very welcoming being that I was the only black person and American in my group. I only posted the pics on my Facebook if you’d like to look.

I did not fund raise, I was blessed to have help from family to help me pay. Which program were you thinking of trying?




Canary yellow.


Black nonchalance